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About +AnimaEdit

Eleven year old, Cooro was abandoned as a baby in a church. Cooro, the +Anima with raven black wings, met Husky, a fish + Anima, and saved him from the clutches of a circus owner in which he was being exploited. Cooro rescues Husky and so Husky tells Cooro he will join his +Anima crew. They then travel to Abon, and find Senri, the bear +Anima, whom didn't really know much, only that he was supposed to keep this little book. So Senri then joined them. In the next town, Cooro, Husky, and Senri bought some bread and sat down to have a two little thieves steal the bread and Senri's precious book. When they went after them, they met a group of kids who live alone, and then meet, Nana. She stole Husky's beloved pearls, which he earned at the carnival, and so they chased her and the pearls broke and fell. Cooro, Husky, and Senri left, and Nana really wanted to join them, so she followed them and Cooro was all for her joining, but Husky wasn't. He hated girls, and especially the girl who caused the loss of his pearls. Husky told Cooro, that he would only come back once Nana left, and he ran off. Nana followed him, and brought him back. Once everyone heard why Nana was a Bat +Anima, Husky allowed her to stay. Thus was the four companions, that together forgo a long journey in order to learn more about the +Anima, but also to learn more about each of the origins of their companions...

+Anima VolumesEdit

There are a total of ten volumes of +Anima. Hopefully Natsumi will make another +Anima series!

Volume 1Edit

Copy of 51GQ6J352QL. SS500

Beings who possess animal-like powers--the +Anima--walk among humans in this alternate universe. Four outcasts among these mysterious mutants search for others like themselves while trying to gain acceptance in a world cruel to anyone who is different.

Volume 2Edit


Cooro and his +ANIMA friends find themselves in the beehive forest. Cooro ends up doing a favor for people in a nearby town. His +ANIMA powers must help him stop a stinging foe! The +ANIMA bands troubles never cease as their adventure continues.

Volume 3Edit

Copy of 517qUqIxLGL. SS500

In a new town, Cooro befriends Shadow, a young man who dreams of flying to help provide for his family. Igneous and his army show up again and create new problems for +ANIMA. Could Cooro and his companions have finally found a place where they will be accepted or will they remain wanderers and outcasts forever?

Volume 4Edit

Copy of 51dYCoEPnmL. SS500

While on their journey, Cooro and the others pass through large and lively Maggie Vil. The soft-spoken town leader Maggie convinces Cooro and company to go watch the world-famous coliseum games. Will Cooro and the others find their way out of the coliseum? Young adult.

Volume 5Edit

Copy of 51HxcZCMdIL. SS500

While on their journey, Cooro and the others pass through large and lively Maggie Vil. The soft-spoken town leader Maggie convinces Cooro and company to go watch the world-famous coliseum games. Will Cooro and the others find their way out of the coliseum? 13 and up.

Volume 6Edit

Copy of 51UijWKufML. SS500

The party, led by Igneous, come across a bear in the mountains just as something goes wrong with Senri and he collapses. The Kim-un-kur let Igneous and his troops into their camp because they are concerned about Senri. But their chief, Mukar, tells them that he has no intention of changing their relations with Astaria.

Volume 7Edit

Copy of anima7

As Cooro and company travel through a dark tunnel on the way to Sailand, Husky tells them the reason why he wants to go thereto see his mother. But it looks like the family reunion will be delayed when the children discover that in Sailand, +Anima are kept as slaves!.

Volume 8Edit

Copy of animavolume8

The search for Husky continues, as the children learn that Husky has been taken to Stella and sold to a low-ranking noble. Cooro and Nana come to the rescue, staging a daring rescue mission to get Husky back. But the danger is far from over, as Husky reveals that his mother is actually one of the queens of Sailand. With armed palace guards everywhere, a family reunion seems impossible...but where there’s a Cooro, there's a way! Unfortunately, there’s more than just a mother’s love waiting for Husky in the palace…is he ready to confront his troubled past?

Volume 9Edit

Copy of sv10 001

This nineth volume of +Anima continues the adventures of the characters introduced in the first volume: Cooro, the cheerfully impetuous crow-winged boy; Husky, the sulky hot-headed mer-boy who can't stand girls; Senri, the silent older youth whose right-arm is that of a bear; and Nana, the chatty bat-winged girl who main defense is her ultrasonic scream. This volume takes up the story with the cliffhanger (almost literally) of the previous volume with Husky's father, the king, plummeting into the sea after Kazana's attack.

Volume 10Edit

Copy of ev09 001

The Final Volume!

This is the final volume! Cooro and the others discover the 1st Yellow Valley Race, a race exclusively for +Anima. Cooro and Senri decide to enter, and while waiting for the race to start, they run into Lyra, a girl that Cooro knew when he was younger. But when Cooro knew her, she wasn't a +Anima...How can she be one now, and is that the only secret she holds?

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