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Shion is a goose-type of +Anima. His markings are both located on the back of his hands. The location of his markings are a bit similar to Cooro's. He is also the only bird +Anima known to have his wings not situated on his back, instead he has them set on his arms. 


Before he turned into a goose-type +Anima, he lived in a castle and was able to live a good life because the heir to the throne of Maggie VIL, Magdra likes him and allowed him to stay. But he and the others were not allowed out of their room, all they need to do is make Magdra happy to get food and clothes. Shion misses his family and asks to go home, but Magdra punishes him and throws him in the dungeons, After a night she ordered him to return the the castle, but Shion tries to escape a second time, and ends up in the middle of the coliseum, where Magdra's pet lions Tom and Elga come out to "play" with him. Desperate to escape, he looked up to the sky and saw geeses flying in a v-shape. He raise his hands up and transforms into a goose-type +Anima, and flys off, It is unknown what happened to him after that. 

Shion markings

Shion's markings